Decisions, decisions

Decisions, Decisions

Caregivers will be constantly faced with making decisions. And, whether big or small, whatever you decide may impact lots of people and have lasting effects. Let’s take a look at how three families tackled the issues.

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Living with diabetes- Putting your best foot forward-01

Living with Diabetes

Diabetes Canada estimates that better diabetic care and prevention measures could save between $48-75 million a year in health care costs for Ontario alone.

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The dos and don’ts of caregiving-01

The Dos and Don’ts of Caregiving

Have you ever spent an afternoon engaged in lively, spirited and inspiring conversation with a group of experienced family caregivers? They really do talk about everything, including how complicated, demanding and yes rewarding caregiving can be.

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How to introduce a paid caregiver-01

How to Introduce a Paid Caregiver

Looking after a close family member can be both mentally and physically tiring. This is especially the case for individuals who require more complex care that lies outside the family’s subject-matter expertise.

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4 ways to honour your loved one-01

4 Ways to Honour Your Loved One

When you lose a loved one, it can be hard to do much of anything, but life must go on. From the heirloom furniture to old love notes, choices are thrust into your lap whether you are ready or not.

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Would balancing dinner plates be easier than juggling-01

Caring for Both Parents

Trying to do too much often proves ineffective. Like our restaurant servers, a caregiver who is carrying too much might lose focus and inadvertently drop one (or more) things.

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Look Good, Feel Better

Both Emily and Adriana have inspiring positivity, but it has taken trial, error and time to get where they are. Here are some of the thoughts they shared.

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