Top Risks of Living Alone…Part 7-7

In this final installment of home safety risks and solutions, we look at finding some entertaining hobbies and volunteering, creating an exercise regime and taking care of your personal safety.

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When The Going Gets Tough

It happens every day but until it’s you, it never quite sinks in. When news of a frightening illness eventually hits close to home, it becomes a game changer.

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Top Risks of Living Alone…Part 4-7

The previous post looked at bathroom safety and in this article we will explore ways to ease anxiety, how to deal with emergency situations and managing your diet so you can feel prepared for every eventuality.

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Top Risks of Living Alone…Part 3-7

The previous article looked at home safety issues both inside and outside your home and the best ways to resolve them. In this instalment, we specifically look at ways to stay safe in your bathroom.

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