Medical Tax Credits

As a rule of thumb, under the Canadian Income Tax Act, certain medical expenses incurred for yourself, your spouse or common-law partner.

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Who decides when you can’t

Who decides when you can’t?

Planning for what you would like to happen, in the event that you need someone else to make decisions for you in the future, is called “advance care planning.”

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Home improvement

Home Improvements

Older adults often have more to think about than those who are middle-aged or new homebuyers when it comes to ongoing home maintenance and repairs, as well as the potential need for modifications.

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10 Tips for Retirees…

Have those dreams of sitting on a tropical island, sipping martinis, been replaced by caregiving for a loved one? Make the most of retirement years with these words of advice:

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Planning for Life

In this article, I share with you highlights from two of our speakers who are lawyers. Both spoke to the importance of planning for declining health and for the end of life.

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Money Matters

Be leery of offers that say “Today only,” “Too good to pass up,” “Cash only” or “Limited offer.”

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Life Planning

In this article, I share with you some of the highlights from two of our speakers who are lawyers.

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Buyer Beware

Can we protect ourselves and those we care about and make sure that we’re both wise and safe consumers?

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