Spicing Up Mealtimes

Cooking and eating alone can be difficult for people of any age. There are many ways to make it more fun, depending on how you are feeling on a given day.

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Welcome to Memory Café

Pioneered by Dutch clinical psychologist Dr. Bére Miesen in 1997, memory cafés are geared towards people diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias

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Living With Aphasia

After a stroke, communication problems are common. You may find yourself using the wrong word or not able to create sentences….

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How Do You Deal With Anxiety?

Feelings of anxiety can be normal and healthy, or they can indicate an anxiety problem. It’s normal, for example, to feel afraid when a large dog snaps at you….

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Lyme disease: How to Beat the Tick

Lyme disease is a peculiar illness that can lead to multisystem infection. If you are travelling to rural areas of Canada this summer where ticks may live, make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid insect bites.

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Ever Get Stuck?

It seems to me that it is particularly easy for health professionals to overlook their own mental fitness as they care for others.

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