Boost Your Happiness

Big moments in life — weddings, births, new jobs, graduations — are special, but appreciating the smaller, daily occurrences can really maintain your happiness.

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Tips to Eat Well…

To maintain a healthy mind and body, eating well is important for people of any age, but in older adults it has some obvious benefits.

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Fighting Back

For about two weeks now, a group has been gathering around lunchtime at Elgin’s Eastside Recreation Center to literally fight back against Parkinson’s disease.

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100 Ways to Feel Better…

I have had a love/hate relationship with lists and the practice of keeping lists throughout my life, and especially during the last 15 years of my illness (a rare form of fibromyalgia).

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Seniors’ Rx for Good Health:

Like sunshine and vitamins, pets are just plain healthy for seniors. They are that spark plug to getting out among friends, keeping fit and making a senior’s day better.

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