Save Your Energy

If you have physical, psychological or emotional limitations, you may find it difficult to do everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning because of the energy output required to do those tasks.

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Vacationing as You Age

Be it due to health, mobility, finances, the need for a travelling companion or the fear of a tiring trip, a successful getaway takes time to plan.

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How Important is Exercise?

Everyone needs to exercise. Medical evidence provides overwhelming support for the benefits it provides for every condition under the sun, from arthritis to cancer.

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Back Care Basics

Back pain is one of the most common physical maladies in the developed world, with 60–90 percent of Canadians experiencing low back pain.

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Hot Dates vs. Lasting Love

When I hear people talking about the “hot date” they had recently, I’m naturally curious about what they mean. A hot date for a boomer may have nothing to do with a beautiful or handsome person.

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