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Working “smart”: New normal tools for caregivers

By Pat Irwin One thing many of us have learned over the past few months is how to stay calm, cool and collected while working in small spaces. After all, the average adult

Goodbye elephants

We’re all thinking and talking about our state of mind, what we shouldn’t be doing, and ways to adapt, cope, and re-organize daily life. In fact, lately there’s been plenty of

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FEELING GUILTY I feel guilty about not visiting my mother more often but I have 3 kids and a job. She lives 2 hours away, so it’s a full day’s excursion to get there and back.

The Scoop

Think twice about the ice Being out and about during winter can feel scary rather than an everyday challenge. There are risks for those who are unsteady on their feet. So,

Driving and dementia: When to give up the keys

By Crystal Gonder After a dementia diagnosis, one of the many concerns facing caregivers is whether driving is still a safe option for their loved one. Some people with mild

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