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Real men get osteoporosis

By Osteoporosis Canada Even in his forties, Larry had broken bones in his back, arms, ribs and shoulder blades doing simple things like walking or going down stairs. No one

The ins and outs of travel insurance

By Pat Irwin A 70-year-old man with type 2 diabetes was quoted $750 for travel insurance to cover 6 months in the USA. Bearing in mind that intensive-care treatment in the USA

Will social isolation wreck or improve your relationship?

If you work at it, you may just come out in a better place with your partner than a few weeks ago. Here’s some serious expert advice for people who are not used to 24/7 time

A pill for every ill?

By Dr. Cara Tannenbaum Nowadays, it seems as if there is a pill for every symptom, big or small. Medications can relieve symptoms, cure illnesses and even prolong life. Not

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Beat brain fog These tried and true memory boosters can help you remember more. Concentrate: Studies show that it takes at least eight seconds for information to move from

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