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Seniors and Hygiene: One size Doesn’t Fit All!

By Pat Irwin What matters Does personal hygiene really matter that much for seniors? Let’s look at the benefits of and issues surrounding personal hygiene. They range from

10 Ways to Provide Better Care

By Caroline Tapp-McDougall Being involved in family caregiving isn’t the easiest task for anyone, given its personal nature and inherent challenges. After all, the

Staying Active During the Winter Months

By Caroline Chenoweth For many of us the first signs of snow bring thoughts of excitement and wonderment. Winter sports, festive nights with loved ones and dreams of what the

When the chips are down

Prompt decision-making is often important and juggling and coping are the mantras of this stage of care. Oftentimes, the need to care for our elders is caused by an “accident”

Expert’s Advice

I think my kids are ready to have a “talk” with me. I’m living on my own quite happily but they are worried that its only a matter of time before something not so nice

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