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Q) My parents think they can’t afford a nursing home. How is it funded?

A) Long-term care is provincially subsidized. For instance in British Columbia, residents pay a monthly rate of up to 80 per cent of after-tax income subject to a minimum and maximum. The best advice: visit your provincial Ministry of Health website for qualifications, funding and locations etc.



Q) Aunt Alice works for her son without pay, 7 days a week. She’s afraid to ask for time off and doesn’t seem happy or healthy. I approached her son but he shut me down. Is this a form of abuse?

A) Your aunt surely needs a rest and perhaps intervention. Family matters like this are often tricky. A good resource for guidance: Canadian Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse. Visit




Q) Sadly we’re clearing out my mother’s home?  I’d like to give things that are in good shape to charity. Any suggestions?

A) You can de-clutter and donate at the same time at Diabetes Canada. They’ll take gently used clothing, sleeping bags, accessories, bedding, shoes and purses, electronics, toys, various household items, cookware and cutlery. Check on their website for more details of what they’re happy to have, the locations of their drop off bins and if they are able to pick up from your home.

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