12 ways to enjoy a mini ”staycation”

Can’t get away? Here are some great, budget-friendly options to help you unwind and reset. Steps for success include:

  1. Set a start and end date Block off specific dates and even hours of the day to start and end, just as you would if you were leaving on a holiday. This gives you firm boundaries around your “away time” and tells the world when you will be back to real-life commitments.
  2. Set a budget Decide how much you can spend. Staycations don’t have to be expensive and often being creative will give you an even better, debt free experience.
  3. Start fresh Get your home cleaned beforehand. Whether you treat yourself to a cleaning service or ask a friend to, getting your home spic and spam ready will s set the mood and the stage for a good experience.
  4. Eat well Whether you order take out or drop into a local restaurant for a good meal, treat yourself a bit. Try something new one day. Do a combination of your favourite pizza deliveries the next.
  5. Join a virtual travel tour Are there places around the world that are on your “bucket list?” Why not join a virtual tour on an African Safari or an amazing adventure to Antarctic? These virtual tours are often free and let you travel vicariously through others.
  6. Play vacation music Put on your favourite tunes or play some music from far-away places. There is nothing like the sound of steel drums to get you into the “island mood.”
  7. Get some exercise Try an online yoga class from your living room or join a walking tour of your own city. Get your body moving—it’s good for your health and your spirit too.
  8. Put the world “on hold” Set a schedule to check phone and email if you can’t turn it off altogether. Staying away from social media and yes, even turning the nightly news off is good for you.
  9. Light up your evenings Make a plan to enjoy an evening outside by having some pretty candles, dozens of tea lights or a few large lanterns. Candles create calm to help you relax and escape.
  10. Pick a fun theme Define what kind of style you want—will you be glamorous, relaxed, comfy cozy or elegant—for your staycation. A theme will help guide activities, what you wear, where you go and what to eat.
  11. Have a “Mini Film Festival” Escape to far-away places, get engulfed in new adventures or solve a mystery.

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